Jan 24, 2013

Bebionic3 - New Revolutionary Prostehic Arm

With 14 reliable grip patterns and hand positions bebionic3 is designed to handle almost anything you need to do in a typical day. This video runs through each grip pattern demonstrating its capability to assist in every day activities.

You can use tripod grip to pick up, hold and manipulate a variety of everyday objects including car keys, coins, jar lids and pens.

bebionic v2 - the world's most advanced bionic hand

The bebionic v2 hand by RSLSteeper combines ease of control and elegance of design. It's the world's most advanced prosthetic hand. Each digit has an individual motor so that it moves like a human hand. The bebionic v2 hand complies with everyday objects.

Advanced electronics provide fine control. The thumb has two positions manually placed by the user with an in-built sensor detecting the position.
The bebionic v2 prosthetic hand has fully proportional speed control. The user can delicate tasks such as holding an egg. The folding links allow the bionic fingers to appear natural plus to prevent accidental damage to fingers and motors.
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