August 07, 2018

Improving battery life on OnePlus device

OnePlus devices are known for being among the top devices in terms of their battery life, efficiency and optimization of the operating system. After the latest update pushed by OnePlus team to fix some bugs many users  started complaining on worsening device battery life. My current latest setup of my OnePlus 5 device is OxygenOS 5.1.4 on Android 8.1.0 and here is the trick to extend your device battery life and to prevent charge draining.

August 06, 2018

How to launch camera in Pro Mode on OnePlus 5/5T/6/6T

OnePlus 5
Oneplus 5/5T/6/6T is among the fastest mobile devices on today's mobile market. This device has the highest value/price ratio based on its specs compared to flagship devices presented by top major brands. However, OnePlus has one weak link. Camera performance in low light conditions. nobody is expecting mobile devices perform as DSLR ot mirrorless cameras, however, OnePlus software is having oil painting effect when process images taken with poor light. Besides recommendations of using tripod, stabilizing hands and other tips, one of the most important tricks is using ProMode of the OP camera where you can control ISO, exposure, raw format option and shutter speed.
Sometimes it'sgetting annoying to open camera in default auto-mode and then slide menu up to switch to ProMode. Here are the steps to create a short cut to launching camera in ProMode. It was implemented and tested on OnePlus 5 (OxygenOS 5.1.4, Android 8.1.0).

August 27, 2017

Panning in mobile photography: tips, samples, strategies

Panning is an interesting effect to freeze motion of the main object while creating blur motion effect of the background and all other objects in a photo. There are many other aspects that you have to consider (besides practicing and experimenting with combination of settings). The most important is to set slow shutter matching speed of a moving subject of photography (see below) and to stabilize camera (hold camera steady or stabilize your hands against a tree, a wall or a mailbox) while having enough space to move camera in the same projection with a car, a bike or a runner.

June 29, 2017

M43 Photography: smallest cameras from Panasonic and accessories for them

In case of Micro Four Thirds (M43 or MFT) photography size matters. Many users of this system are switching for one simple reason: smaller size of cameras and lenses while producing very good quality of photos. So, the smallest cameras among this family are Panasonic GM1 and its successor GM5 (added small electronic view finder EVF).
With convenience of being powerful pocketable systems paired with any walk-around prime lenses (Lumix 20mm f/1.7 prime lens or more expensive 15mm f/1.4), it gives some difficulties due to lack of decent grip.
Here are few solutions from Aliexpress that solves this problem easily (besides camera's original grip for $75 or multiple hand straps:

  1. LB-GM1 Vertical Quick Release L Plate/Bracket Holder hand Grip for Panasonic GM1 GM1K Arca-swiss RRS Compatible for $17.50 from Aliexpress
  2. Camera Leather Case Bag For Panasonic lumix GM5 GM2 GM1S GM1 digital camera with 12-23mm lens for $9-14 (case has small grip). I have exactly the same one with Velcro strip attached to case grip to increase gripping.

July 24, 2016

Official Android version of popular app Prisma was released

android app prisma
Prisma Labs, Inc has released Android Version of Prisma mobile app that is available for download at Google Play Store. You may see below some examples of this photo editing application posted to Instagram.
With this application you may apply unlimited number of filters to convert your ordinary photo into a stunning artwork, sharing them to other social networks or printing them out as you wish.

July 16, 2016

OnePlus One: fix battery drain issue related to Google Play services

oneplus one phon
Oneplus One smartphone.
Oneplus One smartphone is known to have one of the largest battery among mobile devices even today (2016). However, software issues, settings and configuration of the device may cause battery to loose its charge very quickly. One of the known issues (that may exist even on new Cyanomod 13.1 updated version) is the problem with Google Play services that constantly drains battery due to its improperly set "awake" state. How to fix this problem? Here is the step by step explanation with screen shots (if you find any mistakes in this post, have questions or it worked for your as expected, please, leave your comment):

March 16, 2015

OnePlus One or OPO

I got my OnePlus One phone about two months ago after one of the members of the Google Plus social network was kind enough to shared his invite with me. Originally I was planning to get cheaper 16GB version, but due to low demand of this version most of the invites were for 64GB. I don't regret my decision.
I was surprised with how nicely it was packed. See photos below. As soon as I ordered my new phone, I went to ebay and to order recommended TPU cover and protective screen. Everything arrived almost at the same time, so I just needed to sit down and to put everything together.
OnePlus One smartphone unpacking
OnePlus One smartphone package
I have to admit that after using my Nexus 4 for almost two years I was scared with size and weight of OnePlus One. But everything else (battery life, camera features and many other features) was way better than in old Nexus 4.