Jan 24, 2013

bebionic v2 - the world's most advanced bionic hand

The bebionic v2 hand by RSLSteeper combines ease of control and elegance of design. It's the world's most advanced prosthetic hand. Each digit has an individual motor so that it moves like a human hand. The bebionic v2 hand complies with everyday objects.

Advanced electronics provide fine control. The thumb has two positions manually placed by the user with an in-built sensor detecting the position.
The bebionic v2 prosthetic hand has fully proportional speed control. The user can delicate tasks such as holding an egg. The folding links allow the bionic fingers to appear natural plus to prevent accidental damage to fingers and motors.

The prosthetic hands feature naturally compliant fingers and thumb and 14 grip patterns for versatility and unrivaled performance.

The power grip all four fingers close and the thumb securely closes over the top. This allows spherical and symmetrical objects to be held securely and also provides a hand shake.

In a partially closed power grip, the hook position is achieved. This is ideal for carrying a shopping bag or brief case.

The precision open grip, the middle, little and ring finger stay open. The thumb closes part way and the index finger moves independently to pick up small objects quickly and accurately.

The precision closed grip, the middle, ring and little fingers close. The thumb closes part way and the index moves independently to pick up small objects quickly and with precision.

Not available in other prosthetic hands, the mouse grip allows the user to hold and operate a computer mouse. The hand takes a secure grip of the mouse, whilst the index finger operates the mouse button.

Again, for the first time in a prosthetic hand, users can operate a trigger activated device such as a household cleaning spray or a hairdryer.

Finger point allows natural use of the index finger such as: inputting a pin number, pressing buttons or typing on a keyboard.

Key Grip is ideal for holding thin flat objects such as holding a CD or turning a key. The fingers move together naturally and close to create finger adduction grip. This allows the user to grip thin objects such as: cutlery or a toothbrush between the fingers.

In tripod grip, the index and middle fingers meet the thumb to create the tripod grip to pick up a variety of objects.

In pinch grip, the index finger and thumb meet together to allow the user to pick up small objects such as: coins, pens and keys.

In column grip, the fingers flex and are held in position by the thumb.
Lining a fixed column point to firmly press a button or use a lever.

With the thumb non-opposed, the hand fully creates a flat palm to carry a plate. The relaxed hand position appears less rigid and more natural. bebionic hands strike the prefect hands of innovative technology and lifelike appearance. The bebionic v2 power grip is used for: providing a handshake or gripping spherical and cylindrical objects such as: a ball, piece of fruit, a bottle or a glass. When using the power grip the fingers will comply with the object's shape. This particular grip is excellent for handshakes.

Find out more about bebionic prosthetic hands visit:http://www.bebionic.com
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