October 16, 2013

LG Nexus 4 phone bugs/defects

Google LG Nexus 4
Google LG Nexus 4. Image from Google Play Store
Just recently I started using Google LG Nexus 4 as an alternative to super popular Samsung Galaxy family of phones. I was pleased with ratio of price to performance of this phone. With some simple modifications (adding my favorite and most used applications, setting up battery life saver) this phone was ready and its battery is almost always lasts the whole day. However, I also noticed a few small defects. These defects are not super critical, but it would be nice if LG and Google would pay attention at all the minor problems and fix them before LG Nexus 5 big release with Android 4.4 (KitKat). If you are experiencing any problems during Nexus 4 usage, please, feel free to send them to us with and without screenshots. We will try to replicate them,  report and try to find a way to resolve these issues.

Let's see what I found so far...
1. Touch screen and virtual keyboard response is drastically delayed and not sensitive to a regular touch when phone is on and being charged from the wall charger
Description: Phone is charging, open any application that requires keyboard input or pressing navigation buttons. Try to type text. 
Problem: User must push buttons on screen (virtual keyboard buttons) harder to get response and enter letters.
Solution: Restarting phone partially resolves this problem. Once you start charging phone, problem reappears.

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