October 13, 2013

Google Nexus phones are only true Android phones

Google Nexus 5 and other versions of Nexus are going to be the only true Android phones using Android Operating System (Android OS). Other phone manufacturers are planning to move to their own operating systems which are similar to Android or Android's flavors.

HTC is planning to branch out with its own operating system that will be introduced by the end of 2013. This system is going to be integrated with Chinese mobile market and popular Chinese applications. Good luck them!

Chinese manufacturer ZTE started making phones powered by Mozilla Firefox OS.

is planning to use own operating system called Tizen OS as an alterenative to Android on their phones. Tizen (/'taizen/) is a Linux-based operating system (in simple language it means that system should be it's light, fast and reliable. But there are many other factors affecting speed and reliability of the operating system). Tizen grows from Samsung's homegrown Bada project into Tizen. Intel puts some of its MeeGo work into Tizen.

Also, there are more Canonical's Ubuntu Edge phones coming to market and powered by a lightweight and powerful Linux Ubuntu OS (There were rumors that this project is dead, but Canonical keeps it alive). How to figure out what an average person needs in this growing and expanding market of phones and operating systems?

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