December 14, 2013

UPS employees "lost" my smartphone LG Nexus 5

Google Play Store - Order Nexus 5
Google Play Store - Order Nexus 5
Said story about UPS delivery service and its employees. ALWAYS ask shippers to request signature of a recipient!!! Before New Year Holiday season I ordered LG Nexus 5 (16GB, black directly from Google) as a gift for my family member. My order was on waiting list with Google Play Store due to shortage of devices. 
Finaly I got email from customer service that my item had been shipped and UPS tracking code was provided. I was very surprised that this phone will arrive earlier than I expected. Not so fast, baby!

Google store is set pretty conveniently and allows customers to track your order by following UPS link directly to UPS site. 
Finally, I get sticker that UPS has my item, but driver/delivery guy missed us. I was home that day and driver did not bother to get upstairs (elevator building). UPS notified that my package will be delivered next business day. Next day driver never came, same thing next day, and no update on UPS website regarding my item.
I decided to call UPS customer service to find out what is going on (the funniest part starts here). UPS representative looked through records and said that "item is lost". He recommended me to contact shipper (Google) to ask Google to start/initiate claim and investigation. So far so good. I called Google and tried to get their shipment department to initiate claim. Google representative looked online UPS code and confirmed that they will initiate their own investigation. Meanwhile, I have to wait for completion of investigation and then they will decide when they will ship new Nexus 5 to me by same UPS and probably with the same driver. Not sure if driver "borrowed" my phone or people at the local UPS station have sticky hands, but ... 
I asked Google to disable that phone by its IMEI (International Mobile Equipment Identity), but they cannot do it before investigation is completed and without my consent. Fine, let it be sold on eBay and let a thief to benefit from it.
Should I expect this phone to arrive by next year or never? May it last until Nexus 6 will on market or new Android operating system Hershey will be released, so UPS employees won't be interested in older version?

Again, request recipient's signature if you ship anything valuable by UPS!

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