March 16, 2015

OnePlus One or OPO

I got my OnePlus One phone about two months ago after one of the members of the Google Plus social network was kind enough to shared his invite with me. Originally I was planning to get cheaper 16GB version, but due to low demand of this version most of the invites were for 64GB. I don't regret my decision.
I was surprised with how nicely it was packed. See photos below. As soon as I ordered my new phone, I went to ebay and to order recommended TPU cover and protective screen. Everything arrived almost at the same time, so I just needed to sit down and to put everything together.
OnePlus One smartphone unpacking
OnePlus One smartphone package
I have to admit that after using my Nexus 4 for almost two years I was scared with size and weight of OnePlus One. But everything else (battery life, camera features and many other features) was way better than in old Nexus 4.
OnePlus One phone unpacking
Unpacking OnePlus One smartphone
Unpacking ad setting up took pretty quick. Battery was already pre-charged. Having KitKat version of Android instead of Lollipop was a step back, but I don't miss it.
All my daily functionality is fully satisfied with current KitKat version and all the customization allowed by Android.
The most important factor for me for switching to OnePlus One was its enormous battery and its great life. With dimmer screen backlight or auto mode of screen backlight I can go for almost two days with moderate usage (bluetooth off).
Photocamera of OnePlus One has many great features and modes, including taking pictures in RAW mode for future better editing. Continues shooting, slow shutter are also available (see samples of photos below). However, I missed my "blur lenses" feature and had to install Google Camera from App Store just for photos with that effect. One of the photo software bugs that I found is that photo details don't list/specify type and model of camera maker (OnePlus One).
Some photos taken with OnePlus One camera:
Brooklyn Train Stations
Black & White Brooklyn
Spring in Brooklyn

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