July 16, 2016

OnePlus One: fix battery drain issue related to Google Play services

oneplus one phon
Oneplus One smartphone.
Oneplus One smartphone is known to have one of the largest battery among mobile devices even today (2016). However, software issues, settings and configuration of the device may cause battery to loose its charge very quickly. One of the known issues (that may exist even on new Cyanomod 13.1 updated version) is the problem with Google Play services that constantly drains battery due to its improperly set "awake" state. How to fix this problem? Here is the step by step explanation with screen shots (if you find any mistakes in this post, have questions or it worked for your as expected, please, leave your comment):

Step 1 (Setting -> Privacy): Go to your phone Settings and scroll down to Privacy option. Select Privacy

 Step 2 (Privacy -> Privacy Guard): Find Privacy Guard option and select it

Step 3 (Show built-in apps): in the right top corner select three vertical dots that will open an additional pop-up menu. Make sure that Show built-in apps is checked in (selected).

Step 4 (Privacy Guard -> Google Play services): under Privacy Guard list of app scroll down and find Google Play services

Step 5 (long press on Google Play services): Make sure to put finger on Google Play services item and hold finger until its screen opens! It will look like one on screenshot below.

Step 6 (Privacy Guard -> Google Play services -> Keep awake): in Google Play services screen scroll down to Keep awake. Disable Keep awake. Return back to your main screen. Some people recommend to restart your phone, but in most of the cases it's not required.

Please, let me know if it worked on your phone. If did not work, then provide phone maker, model, android version, build and detailed description of the issues. Thank You!

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