June 29, 2017

M43 Photography: smallest cameras from Panasonic and accessories for them

In case of Micro Four Thirds (M43 or MFT) photography size matters. Many users of this system are switching for one simple reason: smaller size of cameras and lenses while producing very good quality of photos. So, the smallest cameras among this family are Panasonic GM1 and its successor GM5 (added small electronic view finder EVF).
With convenience of being powerful pocketable systems paired with any walk-around prime lenses (Lumix 20mm f/1.7 prime lens or more expensive 15mm f/1.4), it gives some difficulties due to lack of decent grip.
Here are few solutions from Aliexpress that solves this problem easily (besides camera's original grip for $75 or multiple hand straps:

  1. LB-GM1 Vertical Quick Release L Plate/Bracket Holder hand Grip for Panasonic GM1 GM1K Arca-swiss RRS Compatible for $17.50 from Aliexpress
  2. Camera Leather Case Bag For Panasonic lumix GM5 GM2 GM1S GM1 digital camera with 12-23mm lens for $9-14 (case has small grip). I have exactly the same one with Velcro strip attached to case grip to increase gripping.

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